Every year, I put out a playlist of my favorite songs from the year. I used to say this playlist was the “best” songs of that year, but I have definitely put that behind me. These aren’t the best songs, just the ones I liked best throughout the year. The ones that for one reason or another stuck with me. There are blindspots and omissions, sure –– it’s not a perfect playlist, but I really love it and I love the process each year. The playlist can be found here. I would play it straight, not on shuffle.

One thing I always think about doing but never get around to doing is putting together a smaller list of favorite songs and writing a little about those specific songs. That’s what this post is all about. I wrote it in one sitting, mostly stream of consciousness. Like the playlist it’s not perfect and it’s probably not even exactly how I’ll feel about these songs in a few months (in a few months, I would probably write about a different collection of 10 songs!), but I wanted to put some words to some thoughts. The songs are not ranked, but listed in the order they ultimately appear in the playlist. …


Michael Lentz

Writing about memory and love. michaelentz.co

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